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Mountain Lion Hunting

Mountain lion hunting in Colorado

Hunting Moutain Lion in Colorado

Moutain Lion Hunting Colorado
Colorado- We offer a few different options for Mtn Lion hunting with 3 different hounds men – taking place in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. We offer scheduled hunts or for guys that can show up on short notice we offer stand by

A scheduled hunt- is considered setting your exact dates and hunting either during the snow season or dry ground season hunts- Good success rate but harder hunt. Usually these hunts take all 5 days and are very physically demanding. Covering lots of country.

On call hunt- this is for hunters who can be to the lodge within 24-36 hrs. the outfitter will call you when a big storm is hitting the area and you will chase lions in fresh snow. This is the ideal lion hunt for success and hunters are only called when conditions are perfect and success is very likely within a few days.

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